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Welcome to the Minnesota Lath and Plaster Bureau Web Resource Center.

Since 1953 the Bureau has been recognized as an education and technical spokesman for the lath and plaster industry. It provides services to architects, the construction community and the public on a variety of matters relating to the plaster trades.

We hope that this web resource center is beneficial to you for the information that is presents on lath and plaster systems. Please feel free to peruse site content on available AIA/ CES seminars, research, reference materials, contractor contacts, and technical suggestions that meet the needs of both the commercial and residential construction markets. Site content includes:

    Information, features, benefits, applications and history of Gypsum Plaster, Veneer    Plaster, Venetian Plaster, Fireproofing, Stucco and Exterior Insulation Finish Systems    (EIFS).
    A reference library which expands on these plastering products.
    Information on the Bureau board of directors, affiliations and represented trade    unions.
    Contact information for the Bureau Member Contractors.

    PLASTER IS THE ANSWER - A video produced by the MNLPB Click Here

Stucco EIFS Veneer Plaster Gypsum Plaster Venetian Plaster Fireproofing

Continuous Insulation

EIFS Veneer Plaster Gypsum Plaster Venetian Plaster Fireproofing

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Pre-Fabricated EIFS Panels Speed Hotel Construction for Minneapolis Super Bowl, Facility Executive, January 5, 2018. When the NFL announced in May 2014 that the Super Bowl LII would be played in at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, MN, a race was on within the hospitality, commercial real estate, and construction industries in the Twin Cities to capitalize on the future economic infusion from the big game.

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What's Going on with EIFS Insurance? - EIMA Blog, Buck Buchanan, December 28, 2017

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Combustible Exterior Wall "Cladding" Systems: An ICC Perspective International Code Council, October 2017

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Create a Plan to Control the Dust

Most of the tasks performed by plasterers are not listed in Table I of OSHA Rule 1926-1153, therefore contractors must provide a written exposure control plan to reduce their risks. has a great tool for doing just that.

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Tru by Hilton EIFS in the Spotlight - EIMA Blog, November 16, 2017

Just a horse and buggy ride away from one of the oldest towns in the United States stands a dynamic, innovative, and colorful new hotel...

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Aquarium Battles with Patterned Stucco and Tile Façade
Walls and Ceilings Magazine, Chuck Mears December 7, 2017

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History of the Gypsum Association Walls & Ceilings, December 3, 2017

The Past is Prologue: The First 30 Years

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How Much Restoration Does Your Building Need?  Walls & Ceilings, Brock Osborn, Sto Corp., November 3, 2017..."Maintaining a building's useful life calls for periodic exterior renovation. Determining the most appropriate course for restoring a building's facade requires careful deliberation. No matter..." Click Here

Element Music Row & Sto EIFS in the Spotlight - EIMA Blog, October 19, 2017 "The $100 million Element Music Row high-rise luxury apartments in midtown Nashville opened last year, offering a generous helping of modern, upscale amenities for plugged-in professionals deep in the heart of the Country Music capital of the world..." Click Here

Why EIFS Has Become a Popular Choice for Hotels and Resorts EIMA, Scott Robinson, September 2017
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The Misconception Series - Spray Applied Fireproofing,
Let's Fix Construction, Elias Saltz, October, 2017..."When you think about the questions and comments you hear from design professionals across all levels of experience, what misconceptions about fireproofing systems do you find that you most commonly have to dispel?
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The Remarkable Resiliency and Durability of EIFS. EIFS Industry Members Association 9-12-17

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The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway Walls and Ceilings Magazine, Mike Griffin, September, 2017. Weather has a significant effect on the application requirements and nuances of plaster/stucco. Contributing factors include temperature, humidity, wind and sun exposure.

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Great Fire of London Building Science Corp., Joe Lstiburek, Ph.D., P.Eng., ASHRAE Fellow, August 10, 2017. Great Scientific perspective on the Grenfell Fire in London.

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100 Years of Ceilings and Walls Association of the Walls and Ceilings Industry, Mark L. Johnson, August, 2017. The History of Tools and Materials. Perspectives on How the Profession Has Changed.

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Grenfell Tower Panels Found in US Structures D+D News, July 24, 2017

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Combining Sheathing With a WRB and Air Barrier Green Building Advisor, Peter Yost, June 22, 2017

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Good news! Updated survey of EIMA, EIFS manufacturers shows greatly reduced litigation claims.

EIFS Briefs, The EIFS Industry Members Association, May 2017

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EIFS Industry Members Association Publishes New "Guide to EIFS with Drainage Detailing Guide has exquisite high- resolution three dimensional illustrations.

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Small Entity Compliance Guide for the Respirable Crystalline Silica Standard for Construction, Occupational Health and Safety Administration

It is upon us! OSHA rules for construction compliance become effective on June 23. Be prepared. This 103 page booklet provides some answers. Click Here

The BuildingGreen Guide to Insulation, October

Guide to Insulation provides detailed guidance on insulation products and practices, including cost comparisons and detailed recommendations on what insulation to use, and what to avoid. Click Here

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Worth a Read

Capitol Improvements Daunting challenges necessitate a mix of old and new plastering methods to bring back “The Star of the North”

Steve Pedracine, MN Lath and Plaster Bureau, February 2017

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Plaster and the California Missions
The Construction Specifier, Nick Brown, CEPE, February 2, 2016. Click Here

Inward Drive - Outward Drying (Walter Payton does permeance) Building Science Corporation, Joe Lstiburek Ph.D., P.Eng., ASHRAE Fellow, May 2017 Click Here

It's All Relative
Building Science Corp.,
Joe Lstiburek Ph.D., P.Eng., ASHRAE Fellow, 9-26-17...Magic and Mystery of the Water Molecule...It is just shocking, just shocking that some molecules have a positive electrical charge and a negative electrical charge.

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Hybrid Assemblies Building Science Corp., Joe Lstiburek Ph.D., P.Eng., ASHRAE Fellow, October 15, 2017..."Code world" is an interesting place where seemingly convoluted language is used to express simple concepts in clearly complicated ways..." Click Here

**Former MNLPB Executive Director Clint Fladland

96 years young and headed for 97 on July 24, I came across this great video on Clint and thought I would share it with you...

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Update 12-4-17: Clint broke his hip and is in the VA Hospital in St. Cloud. Still in good spirits and looking forward to recovery. Clint would appreciate your cards and letters.

Clint Fladland (Room Number 167)
c/o VA Medical Center
4801 Veterans Drive

St. Cloud, MN 56303


An Interesting Quote:

"We live in a beautiful house that was built in 1993. The layout is lovely, but it definitely lacks the character and dignity of the circa-1920 house I grew up in. You can hear everything going on here — toilets flushing, conversations in other rooms and so forth. But the walls in my old house were made of good old-fashioned plaster, which certainly kept secrets a whole lot better than today's newfangled drywall."

—Megan Kearney-Bailie, New Fairfield, Conn.

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