The International Code Council goes to court over free access to building codes

The Architect’s Newspaper, Bill Millard, July 9, 2019. Posted here on 7-30-19

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Stucco Manufacturers Association to Begin Online Training Program

Coming in Fall 2019, the SMA will offer online video training and certification to stucco installers. Take a glimpse at our introduction to the upcoming 7-part training modules:
This is an embedded video at the SMA website, click the following link, then click the play button. Posted 7-30-19

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Gypsum Association Announces the Redesign of Their Website

The Gypsum Association (GA) is pleased to announce the complete redesign of its website. Posted 7-12-19

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Texas Governor Signs House Bill 2439

H.B. 2439 restricts local governments from mandating the use of only specific products, and it would allow the use of products and materials currently permitted in current building codes. Posted 6-21-19

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Amid Labor Shortage, EIFS Sees Growth in Use of Pre-Fabricated Panels

Labor shortages in the construction industry continue to present serious challenges for contractors across the country, with some markets facing greater hurdles than others when it comes to finding qualified workers. Walls and Ceilings Magazine, Barbara Catlow, May 19, 2019

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Double Play

Building Science Corp., Joe Lstiburek, April 15, 2019. Posted to this site April 30, 2019

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Construction’s Seven Deadly Sins

These construction pitfalls lead to callbacks and long-term problems. Here’s how to avoid building defects on the jobsite, BUILDER, Don Neff, February 2019

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EIFS: When the Goal is Resiliency

An underestimated cladding system that’s begging for the limelight. Walls and Ceilings Magazine, Scott Robinson, March 2019

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EIFS Briefs

Newsletter of the EIFS Industry Members Association. January/ February 2019

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Take the Stucco Off: Exterior Stucco and EIFS Claddings The problem with the “take it all off” mentality

Take it off, take it all off. These words are typically not heard on a construction site, but increasingly, we hear this phrase coming out of the mouths of our industry experts. Walls and Ceilings magazine, Albert Carillo 2-1-19

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