Welcome to the New Minnesota Lath and Plaster Bureau 

Yes there have been a few changes: Office operations have been suspended and you can no longer pick up the phone and just give us a call. We remain however in an on-line presence. We will continue to work to bring you relevant industry information. If you have a simple question just shoot us an e-mail. If it is more than just simple, we will forward it on to someone that can help.

Since 1953 the Bureau has been recognized as an education and technical spokesman for the lath and plaster industry. It provides information to architects, the construction community and the public on a variety of matters relating to the plaster trades.

We hope that this web resource center is beneficial to you for the information that is presented on lath and plaster systems. Please feel free to peruse site content on available reference materials, publications, contractor contacts and additional links that meet the needs of both the commercial and residential construction markets. Site content includes:

  • Information, features, benefits, applications and history of Gypsum Plaster, Veneer Plaster, Venetian Plaster, Fireproofing, Stucco, Exterior Insulation Finish Systems (EIFS) and insight into plaster systems used for Continuous Insulation strategies. 
  • A Reference Library which expands on these plastering products. 
  • Information on the Bureau Board of Directors, affiliations and represented trade unions. 
  • Contact information for the Bureau Member Contractors.
Venetian Plaster
Venetian plaster is actually a distinctly modern American name that is used to describe “old...
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Gypsum Plaster
Gypsum plaster is what the average person on the street thinks of when plastering is...
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Veneer Plaster
Veneer plaster systems were developed as an alternative to conventional gypsum plaster systems.
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EIFS (pronounced eefs) is an acronym for Exterior Insulation Finish Systems.
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Stucco had its origins thousands of years ago as it was used on some of...
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The value of gypsum and cement plaster as fire resistive materials has been known for...
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Continuous Insulation
The intent of this paper is to inform the construction community about strategies that utilize...
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Construction Forecast 2024: Navigating a Tricky Economic Terrain

High interest rates and slower economic growth will put increasing pressure on construction and manufacturing in 2024. Construction Dimensions Magazine, Phillip M. Perry, December 2023

Global Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS) Market Outlook

The surging demand for improving building efficiency to abide by energy requirements set by authorities is a leading factor in the expansion of the EIFS market. Future Markets Insights (FMI), November 2023.

A Healthy Attachment

Keeping stucco and EIFS secured to surfaces. Walls and Ceilings Magazine, Albert Carillo, 3-29-23


MNLPB Opinion: EIFS in Minneapolis

This past Summer and into Fall, the Lath and Plaster Bureau, the Plasterers and Laborers Locals, the MN State Building Trades Council, Distributors, Manufacturers and other outside interested parties; were embroiled in a battle with the Minneapolis Planning Department on a proposed exterior building material ordinance which would have effectively eliminated EIFS in Minneapolis. By […]

Magnum Opus

Some time ago we posted that we were updating “Stucco in Residential Construction.” That little exercise has gotten a bit more complicated: It has now become “Stucco with Drainage, Light Frame Construction. The intention is to meet the ICC Criteria for Moist “A” or Marine “C” Climate Zones. Chock full of  around 170 pages of […]

Stucco in Residential Construction: Errata 2019

This Errata brings Stucco in Residential Construction 2007 up to date with references in accordance with the current 2015 Minnesota Residential Code. To access go to our reference library and click on the “stucco” folder in the banner heading. Posted 8-19-19


Air Barrier Association of America Quality Assurance Program

What is the Site Quality Assurance Program? Air Barrier Association of America

Stucco Manufacturers Assoc. Online Video Training Now Available

SMA will offer online video training and certification to stucco installers. Take a glimpse at our introduction to the upcoming 7-part training modules. Stucco Manufacturers Association 9-2020

New Report Reveals Dramatic Energy Efficiency Impacts

Gains in lighting and space heating efficiency have decreased energy intensity in commercial buildings, but demand in other areas is driving increased commercial energy use overall.


U.S. Cement Manufacturers Realizing Progress in Carbon Neutrality

U.S. Cement Manufacturers Launch Microsite to Showcase Early Progress in Realizing Carbon Neutrality. Walls and Ceilings Magazine, PCA America’s Cement Manufacturers, 3-29-23

Decarbonization Strategy for Existing Commercial Buildings

The recently passed Inflation Reduction Act includes financial incentives for commercial and multi-family building owners to reduce energy costs and carbon emissions. Walls and Ceilings Magazine, Tom Harris, 2-15-23

BSI-133: Covert Covid Thoughts…

My Spidey sense is tingling. Note that this is an “opinion column. Work with me on this: In response to COVID, the CDC and others are now recommending a room air change rate of 4 to 6 air changes per hour. Building Science Insights, Joe Lstiburek, July 15, 2022