Steve Pedracine Articles

U.S. Cement Manufacturers Realizing Progress in Carbon Neutrality
U.S. Cement Manufacturers Launch Microsite to Showcase Early Progress in Realizing Carbon Neutrality. Walls and Ceilings Magazine, PCA America's Cement Manufacturers, 3-29-23
A Healthy Attachment
Keeping stucco and EIFS secured to surfaces. Walls and Ceilings Magazine, Albert Carillo, 3-29-23
Stucco: So Controversial. Why?
Stucco is simple: sand, cement and lime. How can something so simple have so much controversy? Walls and Ceilings Magazine, Mark Fowler 2-9-23
Decarbonization Strategy for Existing Commercial Buildings
The recently passed Inflation Reduction Act includes financial incentives for commercial and multi-family building owners to reduce energy costs and carbon emissions. Walls and Ceilings Magazine, Tom Harris, 2-15-23
Stucco and Drainage Planes
The intent of this article, prepared by members of an AWCI subcommittee on lath and plaster, is to provide information on model code language specific to the requirement of a drainage system or drainage material behind exterior cement plaster cladding. Construction Dimensions, December 2022
New York City is set to initiate a major code change that will affect the design and installation of certain types of exterior wall assemblies. Construction Dimensions, Robert Grupe December 2022
Decorative and Functional Plasters
Walls and Ceilings Magazine, Rob Knight, December 12, 2022
BSI-133: Covert Covid Thoughts…
My Spidey sense is tingling. Note that this is an “opinion column. Work with me on this: In response to COVID, the CDC and others are now recommending a room air change rate of 4 to 6 air changes per hour. Building Science Insights, Joe Lstiburek, July 15, 2022
Construction Input Prices Are Up 21% from a Year Ago
Construction input prices rose 2.3% in May compared to the previous month, according to an Associated Builders and Contractors analysis of U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Producer Price Index data released June 14. Nonresidential construction input prices also increased 2.3% for the month. Construction Dimensions Magazine, August 2022
In Memoriam: Frank Morsilli
Francesco (Frank) P. Morsilli, the founder of Dryvit Systems, Inc., died May 28 at his retirement home in Naples, Fla. Morsilli introduced exterior insulation and finish systems to North America in 1969. Construction Dimensions Magazine, August 2022