Steve Pedracine Articles

Just for Kicks
"If you aren’t expecting it, Allianz Field looks like an alien mother ship strategically landed at an area known as 'Midway' between Minneapolis and St. Paul." - Walls and Ceilings Magazine, Steve Pedracine, MN Lath & Plaster Bureau, October 2018
Fireproof homes could be the answer to massive wildfires across the West
If it's possible to build a fireproof house, Robert Balzebre is convinced his stunning three-story personal sanctuary perched in the Hollywood Hills would qualify. USA Today, Chris Woodyard, August 2018
Are We Sealing The Right Walls In Buildings?
"Everyone is running around sealing the outside of buildings and the term “air barrier” has gone from obscurity to buzz word in less than a decade. But if you look at the physics we are sealing the wrong walls..." Building Science Corp., Joe Lstiburek, December 18, 2018
Wood-Based Sheathing for Stucco Cladding
"Stucco doesn’t crack; breaking is a common misconception about a well-used coating." - Walls and Ceilings Magazine, January 6, 2019
AC Hotel by Marriott at Westshore Tampa
"Westshore Tampa is an ever-growing business district which includes Tampa International Airport"... EIMA Blog, December 27, 2018
How to Specify: Stucco
"Stucco can take any color and adapt to any shape, from flat boxes to doubly curved fantasias" - Architizer, December 2018