Steve Pedracine Articles

The Importance of Weather-Resistant Barriers
Weather-resistant barriers can both protect a structure’s walls from air and water infiltration and keep moisture from accumulating in the wall systems. Building Enclosure, Michael Smalley, July 7 2021.
The 10 Keys to a Quality Stucco Job
Want a stucco job done right? Follow these ten steps. Walls and Ceilings Magazine, Bruce Bell, June 9, 2021
Commercial construction contractors upbeat on outlook despite worsening material shortages, worker shortages
88% indicate difficulty in finding skilled workers; of those, 35% have turned down work because of it. Building Design and Construction. MARKET DATA |JUNE 17, 2021 |U.S. CHAMBER OF COMMERCE
Is it an Air Barrier, WRB, Vapor Barrier or Coating of Peanut Butter?
Takeaways from the Air Barrier Symposium held at the Center for Architecture and Design, Philadelphia 2020. Bernardon, John Rock AIA, 2-10-20 
Understanding Walls
Wall assemblies should be designed and constructed for specific hygro-thermal regions, Building Science Corp., Joe Lstiburek, December 15, 2020
Climate Action
IBC Changes Regarding Exterior Cement Plaster
Q: Can you explain the recent changes in the International Building Code regarding exterior cement plaster? Construction Dimensions, Robert Grupe, March 2021
Improving Stucco Performance
The Better the understanding of stucco, the better the stucco installation. Walls and Ceilings Magazine, William Spilchen P.E., March 17, 2021
Weather barriers, water-resistive barriers, air barriers, and vapor retarders – Are they not all the same?
Control layers are not materials. Each control layer provides a different function in a building enclosure. Air Barrier Association of America, Laverne Dalgleish/ Brian Stroik, March 2021
Capillarity Sucks
One moisture transport mechanism that is often overlooked in building construction is capillarity or capillary suction. Building Science Corp., Joe Lstiburek, March 15, 2021