Steve Pedracine Articles

Sto Panel Technology Drives Innovation with Cutting-Edge Technology
Sto Corp. is empowering architects and designers with unprecedented creative freedom through recent advancements in its Sto Panel Technology® business. Building Enclosure 2-4-22
4 Ways to Prevent Common Building Envelope Failures
Builder shares a few helpful steps on how to create an envelope that will stand the test of time. Builder Magazine, Emily Newton October 21 2021
The Growth of Prefabricated Exterior Walls
Prefabricated exterior walls are changing the game in construction by providing customized constructability solutions. Building Enclosure, Richard Martens January 12, 2022
EPS Insulation Supports Energy-Efficient Buildings
Global Sustainability Initiatives Gain Momentum. Building Enclosure Magazine. Tom Savoy 9-8-21.
Thermal Short Circuits
A conversation regarding compromised fireproofing during an inherent stage of application. Walls and Ceilings Magazine, Tim Vellrath, June 4, 2021
Air Barrier Association of America 2021 3rd Quarter Newsletter
We just stumbled upon this - Good Stuff.  Credit  AABA  2021
Air Barrier Association of America Quality Assurance Program
What is the Site Quality Assurance Program? Air Barrier Association of America
Reducing Carbon Dioxide from Cement Production
Finland - Based Company Develops Technique to Reduce Carbon Dioxide Emissions From Cement Production, Builder Magazine, Mary Salmonsen, October 15, 2021
Four Reasons to Consider Panelized EIFS
If you're looking for a speedy construction process, quality control, design flexibility and cost-efficient option, panelized EIFS may be the right call for your next project. Walls and Ceilings Magazine, Rick Bunting, July 23, 2021
New E-Screen from Clark Dietrich Brings Effective Moisture Management
Clark Dietrich is adding a new solution to help contractors and builders address moisture management and drainage in exterior wall assemblies with the introduction of E-Screen, a polypropylene entangled mesh rain screen drainage mat. Walls and Ceilings Magazine, August 3, 2021