Steve Pedracine Articles

Setting Straight a Cladding Conundrum: EIFS vs. Stucco
EIFS and stucco couldn’t be more different, starting from the most basic level to the final, completed building system. EIFS Industry Members Association
Despite a recovery in construction activity, firms are still reporting a high rate of project cancellations and delays related to supply chain issues and labor shortages. Vincent Salandro, Builder June 2020
Air Leakage Testing
Q: What is air leakage testing on exterior walls?? Robert Grupe, Construction Dimensions Magazine, July 2020
Moroccan Tadelakt: History & Manufacturer
Tadelakt Is The Plaster Of Marrakech And In Recent Years Its Moroccan Aesthetic Has Fascinated The Western Design World. Patrick Webb, Walls and Ceilings Magazine June 2020
Continuous Insulation Cladding
It should be pondered that EIFS is not the natural "Go-To" preference to meet the new code requirements, as a continuous insulation exterior cladding, Walls and Ceilings Magazine, Albert Carillo, April 2020
2021 I-Codes: Stucco WRB Enhancements
The 2021 ICC family of codes (energy and building codes) will see significant changes made to the Portland Cement Stucco water-resistive barrier (WRB) provisions. SBC Magazine/ Jay Crandell P.E./ March 2020
New Report Reveals Dramatic Energy Efficiency Impacts
Gains in lighting and space heating efficiency have decreased energy intensity in commercial buildings, but demand in other areas is driving increased commercial energy use overall.
Smart Coatings Bring High-Performance Enclosures to the Next Level
What could be better than a high-performance coating for a building enclosure? How about a finish or coating system that delivers responsiveness and functionality for exterior surfaces over the life of the building? Building Enclosure/ Karine Galla/ March 2020
U.S. Hotel Construction pipeline continued to expand year-over-year despite COVID-19
Many open or temporarily closed hotels have already begun or are in the planning stages of renovating and repositioning their assets while occupancy is low or non-existent. Building Design and Construction/ Market Data/ April 30, 2020
Permeability and Performance in Water-Resistive Barriers
Identifying the Proper Choice for Applications, Building Enclosure, Jason Peace, November 2019