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Capitol Improvements
Daunting challenges necessitate a mix of old and new plastering methods to bring back “The Star of the North”
Direct (applied) Exterior Finish System. Go to the Reference Library and look under "Specialty."
Punched Openings
Windows and doors are "holes" in the "sheet-like walls" of buildings. Hence the term "punched openings".
New “Guide to EIFS with Drainage Detailing”
EIFS Industry Members Association has published a new "Guide to EIFS with Drainage Detailing" .
Grenfell Cladding Safety Downgraded Before Fire
Fire and Risk Management - April 6, 2018
EIFS: A Hero Hidden in Plain Sight
EIFS Industry Members Association releases new video
2018 AWCI’s Excellence in Construction Quality Award
Mulcahy Nickolaus receives the AWCI Excellence in Construction Quality Award for their plaster repair work on the Minnesota State Capitol.
Joints and Corners and Penetrations
The battle to control water entry is won at building joints and corners.
Steven Pedracine wins Mike Sweeney Press Award
Steven Pedracine receives award from EIFS Industry Members Association.
Plaster and the California Missions
The California Missions are not only state history made corporeal, but also one of the major reasons stucco is so common in the Southwest.