Stucco in Residential Construction Update

My how time flies! The last time we addressed our handbook on Stucco in Residential Construction (3rd edition) was an errata in 2019. Well we have some news to share: We have been working on an update based on drainage requirements that will likely be implemented in the next code cycle. Stay tuned!

Stucco in Residential Construction: Errata 2019

This Errata brings Stucco in Residential Construction 2007 up to date with references in accordance with the current 2015 Minnesota Residential Code. To access go to our reference library and click on the “stucco” folder in the banner heading. Posted 8-19-19

Crack Mitigation Specification Plug-In

Crack resistance of portland cement plaster (stucco) can be improved by adding a cementitious mesh reinforced base coat over the brown coat. This document provides language that can be added to your stucco specification and can be found in our reference library by clicking on the “stucco” folder. Posted 7-12-19

Suggested Guide Spec: Portland Cement Plaster (Stucco) Over Continuous Insulation

This guide specification was developed to accommodate Continuous Insulation over Type V Conventionally Framed and Sheathed Substrates. CLICK ON THE “CONTINUOUS INSULATION OR STUCCO” FOLDER IN OUR REFERENCE LIBRARY TO ACCESS. Posted 6-21-19

Suggested Guide Specification for Portland Cement Plaster over Conventionally Framed and Sheathed Walls (2019 Update)

UPDATED FOR 2019!! Go to our reference library and click on the “Stucco” button.

Updated EIFS with Drainage Spec

Our model EIFS with Drainage Specification has been updated for 2019! Find it by going to our library and clicking on the “EIFS” tab.

Just for Kicks

Soccer Stadium Receives a “Yellow Card Caution” – Walls and Ceilings Magazine, Steve Pedracine, MN Lath & Plaster Bureau, October 2018

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Capitol Improvements

Daunting challenges necessitate a mix of old and new plastering methods to bring back “The Star of the North”

Steve Pedracine, MN Lath and Plaster Bureau, February 2017



Direct (applied) Exterior Finish System.

To view, go to the Reference Library and look under “Specialty.”

2018 AWCI’s Excellence in Construction Quality Award

Mulcahy Nickolaus receives the AWCI Excellence in Construction Quality Award for their plaster repair work on the Minnesota State Capitol.