Modern construction methods may not always be the best

I’ve been wanting to write this column for years. The topic has been a burr under my saddle, but I needed to base the column on proof, not speculation. Ask the Builder, The Spokesman-Review, Tim Carter, July 20, 2019. Posted 7-30-19

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Rainscreen Defined

Construction Dimensions Magazine, Robert Grupe, May 2019

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Are We Sealing The Right Walls In Buildings?

Building Science Corp., Joe Lstiburek, December 18, 2018

“Everyone is running around sealing the outside of buildings and the term “air barrier” has gone from obscurity to buzz word in less than a decade. But if you look at the physics we are sealing the wrong walls…”

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Plaster and the California Missions

The Construction Specifier
Nick Brown, CEPE
February 2, 2016

As the most viewable buildings of their era still standing, the California Missions are not only state history made corporeal, but also one of the major reasons stucco is so common in the Southwest.

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Inward Drive – Outward Drying

Walter Payton does permeance

Building Science Corporation
Joe Lstiburek Ph.D., P.Eng., ASHRAE Fellow
May 2017

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